Brand & Strategy Development


The WebMVMT Brand & Strategic Planning Process Provides: 


  • Clarity Telling a good brand story starts with an unwavering clarity of the value.
  • Brand Loyalty – When your customers understand the heart behind your brand their loyalty will naturally increase
  • Strategic Execution – Carrying the momentum from the brand production process into the creation of digital ads and other marketing efforts will provide a concerted effort of your value proposition, offers and brand story. 
  • Higher Conversion – Post production we will weave the refined narrative through the website and landing pages which will provide a consistent experience for the user from ad to conversion. The consistency provided in this portion increases conversion because there’s no guessing for the customer and we’re speaking to their needs with your value.
  • Long Term Consistency – Having a consistency strategy and narrative that can be the foundation for all messaging, website, landing pages, ads, social, etc. allows for consistency in messaging and saves the energy of always needing to create “new” messaging.

Execution Schedule


Phase One: – Initial 2 hour meeting 

  • Value Proposition Exercise
  • Client Archetype Exercise
  • Brand/Collateral Review
    • This will give us the opportunity to discuss everything from the past, what is currently being executed through your marketing efforts and refine/create dialogue around the future of Total Investment Management


Phase Two: Brand Audit – 4 Weeks 

The Brand Audit is a deep dive into brand messaging, social execution, website language, etc.

  • External Brand Execution
    • The power of telling a better story is understanding the story that others are already telling. 
  • Proposed Brand Direction
  • After the completion of the audit, we will reverse engineer the current brand standards and systems to provide a creative direction that will increase clarity, effectiveness, and efficiency. 
  • Potential ReBrand
    • If, through the audit process, we determine that a new/refined visual brand [logo, colors, etc. would best serve the vision and future of Total Investment Management we will explore that direction


Phase Three: Strategic Marketing Plan – 4 Weeks

  • Industry specific research & development of the Financial Advisor market. 
  • Current marketing efforts analysis, existing ROI and past attendance of events, email campaigns and existing opportunities. 
  • Create a referral strategy for TIM. 
  • Research and find partnerships that will increase the clients TIM can serve.
  • Sponsorship & Partnership opportunities specifically related to business development. 


Phase Four: Brand Presentation & Marketing Insights – Week 5

  • Coaching Style meeting to present the detailed report of all findings related to the TIM brand with detailed recommendations and insight.


Phase Five: Brand Execution – Week 6

  • Implement the refined brand story through the current website.
  • Implement the refined brand story through the current landing pages.
  • Implement the refined brand story through content & copy that will be executed through digital marketing efforts. 


Phase Six: Copy Writing Development – Week 6

  • Developing copy for narrative updates, ads, scripts, emails, offers and referral programs.


Not Included in this proposal: WebMVMT subscription fee for constant website updates and management.