Today’s consumers are going online searching and evaluating to make buying decisions

How does your business look online?


These are key impressionable moments during the consumer’s journey. To maximize your odds of being chosen, the core elements (business listing, reviews, social media and website) of your online presence need to show up and stand out at these key moments. To win more customers, it’s important to build an online presence that can connect, influence and engage strangers to move them from search to becoming your buying customers. How effective is your online presence?

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This personalized report gives you a performance snapshot of your business online presence. It details how the core elements-business listings, reviews, social and website– are performing; which will help you understand where your business needs the most help and how you can improve them!

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Four core elements that gets YOU chosen

(Listings, Reviews, Social, Website)

  Can customers find you?

85% of all searches begin online. If consumers can’t find you they can’t choose you. Watch how increasing your business visibility improves your odds of being found…

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   Do customers trust you?

88% of consumers consider reviews before making a buying decision. In fact, consumers say they trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations. Watch how to take control of your reviews and build a trustworthy reputation that gets you chosen…

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  Do customers like you?

71% of consumers who have a good social media experience with a brand are more likely to recommend it to others. Keeping in touch with your customers and caring for them go a long way in building a likable social presence. Watch how to social presence can grow your business…

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  Can you convert?

61% of users are unlikely to return to a website they have trouble accessing. Your website needs to be fast, mobile, easy and convenient for consumers to want to do business with you. Watch the importance of having an up-to-date website that works for you…

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Optimize your online presence to get more customers


80% of all buying decisions are made way before a consumer ever enters your store. To be effective at winning new customers you need an online presence that can turn strangers into buying customers. As illustrated above, the four core elements of your online presence have to work together effectively to address the needs of your consumers. When they begin their search, you need to first make sure you show up and then stand out. When they are evaluating your reviews and social media, you have to make sure you can win their trust and that you’re likeable. Ultimately, when they are at the point of purchase make sure it’s simple and convenient for them to buy from you. Optimize your online presence to maximize your odds of being chosen.

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